About Us

Mid-South Broadcasting is based out of Natchez, MS and was established in early-2011. When two area broadcasters (co-founders Michael Wilson and Jimmy Allgood) found success with their efforts to offer live streaming for local high-schools and community events - they formed Mid-South Broadcasting as a means to continue exploring the seemingly endless possibilities afforded by live streaming!


Since then we've expanded to providing solutions ranging from turn-key kits, to production-services and consulting, to a full-on streaming platform. But our passion and fascination remains the same. We love streaming. We love the technology behind it, we love the connections it enables, and we love to help others utilize it to it's fullest potential.

Flexibility and Cooperation

Modern SaaS companies and service providers are all about rigidity. Tiers and functions and upgrades, everything needs to fit into a mold, you have to have this plan to do this, and that plan to do that. But your oganization is unique, so we're here to help you craft the best solution for YOU, period.

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