Live Streaming Plans

Precision-designed  to include all the features you need - expert support included.

  • HD Live Streaming

  • Automatic Archiving & Upload Videos

  • Powered by top-tier providers and a global CDN

  • Roku and Amazon Fire TV Channels available

  • Powerful Broadcast Analytics

  • And much more

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Every plan includes a customizable watch-page, it can even be used with your own domain.
It depends! At a minimum, you'll need an encoder (this can be a dedicated device, or a piece of software running on a computer) and a camera, and you'll probably need a capture device and some audio equipment too. But it varies. Feel free to get in touch for further info!
Some of the primary reasons are control and reliability. Free services typically have virtually no support. How much of a disaster would it be if you were getting ready to go live one day and discovered your YouTube account had been suspended for breaking some rule you didn't even know about? And even worse, there's nowhere you can turn at that point for quick support, community forums are your best option, and you'll often wait days for a generic response.

With a premium streaming service, you're treated as a customer, not a user. You get support, you get patience, you get a human who you can turn to for help, and who will actively work to ensure you're streaming successfully.

You also get more control over your content. You can embed your streams into your own sites or connect them to your own apps. You can download all of your archives.

We'll never "auto-mute" your stream because some automated system thinks it hears music.

As broadcasters, we've always relied on paid streaming solutions because we feel they're worth the investment, that's why we started our own.

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